WE ARE PART OF NATURE Natural Resources Conscious Use Of

We produce High Quality Wooden Handles

We use resistant wood with a good finish in order to meet the requirements of quality and durability.

World renowned in wooden handles

We manufacture more than 2 million wooden handles monthly for the Agriculture, Cleaning, Civil Construction, Household, Industrial and Custom Products lines. That is why we are internationally recognized for the variety and quality delivered to the customer.

We promote sustainability

Through the Conscious Use of Natural Resources, Forest Management Practices, Clean Energy Generation and Rainwater Reuse

Sustainable Forest Management

Understand How Sustainable Forest Management Works

Generation of Environmental, Social and Economic Value for the Survival of Future Generations.
Malinski is one of the few companies which develops long-term contractual partnerships with concessionaires of the Brazilian Government. In this way, we carry out good market practices: through the sale of wood, exclusively of guaranteed and trace origin. The objective is to keep biodiversity and forest balance. These are prime conditions to generate value to the community, and for the continuity of Malinski’s own activity in medium and long terms.
The concessionaire is the guardian of legality and manager of low impact handling, aiming at maximum production with minimal effect on the ecosystem.
In our production, we also use wood from mature trees with FSC® certification (Forest Stewardship Council). This certification promotes good forest management, through international standards aimed at environmental responsibility, for the correct preservation of the environment.

About Us

Since 1994 Malinski has been producing wooden handles for many kinds of tools in the agricultural, gardening, civil construction, domestic and industrial cleaning sectors. The wide stock of raw material allow us to meet the most variety of measures, finishes, accessories, varnishes and paints.

Malinski’s goal is to produce cables that create a perfect union with the functional part of each tool. Every detail is designed to perfectly fulfill its technical function. The handles are designed to maximize tool productivity, versatility, comfort and safety.

From the choice of the raw material to the selection of the final packaging, Malinski’s industrial process is recognized and respected in the International market.
This expertise places Malinski in a global leadership position in the production of wooden handles.

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